These students are admitted through the Entrance Exam and will be directed into five fields Miniature, Pottery, Glasswork, Woodwork and Metalwork. Besides getting theoretical and research abilities, all the students can experience lots of specialized workshops depending on their chosen fields. Not only has the faculty employed the best traditional and academic masters simultaneously, it also provides different specific visits in order to acquaint the students with professional and traditional workshops. In such fields the faculty works as an art polytechnic.

Academic programs and endeavors are designed in a way that they can guarantee the graduates’ future job possibilities and will facilitate the path of their future artworks. Since 2010 the academic politics have been based on “Artwork-Centered Training”. The goal of such programs is upgrading the students’ practical abilities in the domains of theorization, designing and production of crafts which are based on Islamic traditional attitudes. Thus, the students of this faculty are expected to present their theoretical studies and researches in the forms of artworks. In other words while presenting their dissertations, it’s necessary for them to explain about the process of idea formation, designing steps and performance methods.

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